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Lifestyle Newborn


The newborn phase of their life passes by so quickly. It will surprise you just how fast those sweet little moments and details can fade from your memory.  The soft breaths, the warm squishy weight of your baby on your chest, those little sounds and faces they make-  it  all gets replaced with the exciting new things they do as they grow up.  


I want to preserve these memories for you in a genuine and timeless way, which is why I offer primarily “lifestyle” sessions.  Lifestyle sessions allow you to capture your connection to one another and this new life in a comfortable, convenient, and natural setting. Sessions typically take 2-3 hours and are done in the comfort of your own home and include your whole family. Pets are welcome to join too if you'd like.


Information with the ability to book is found in the link above. If you have questions before booking, feel free to hit the "Contact" link in the top right to shoot me a message first!  This is the best way to contact me, so please reach out here first before trying other means. I hope to meet you soon and cannot wait to celebrate your family!

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