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Outdoor & Indoor

 Family Sessions


Outdoor family sessions in the golden light of sunset capture the joy amongst the chaos of life with children. Both indoor and outdoor sessions are great for those that enjoy candid moments, adventures, and  playful images with some sweet snuggles and quiet moments in between. 


The clients who love me for indoor family sessions call my work "introvert photography." It is lifestyle, but leans documentary. We will do some light posing, but I encourage you to move and interact into what feels good for you. We will do your group smiling photo and individual portraits of each child, but expect a lot of quirky, joyful, and silly moments as well. These are the sessions where you want to let your guard down and be YOU. 


Most people choose to do an activity that they enjoy together, or have me follow you through their morning or bedtime routine.  There is nothing like having artful documentation that will teleport you back to a different time with your family. It goes by too quickly. You never know when that last time they wear those favorite jammies will be, or snuggle their lovey, or when that one little part of your daily routine will change and you'll wonder when it happened. 

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